Scanlon’s eMAR Solution

Scanlon’s e-MAR is the only Electronic Medication Administration Record that is fully integrated with all Pharmacy Dispensing Software Systems allowing for a single point of entry for patients’ medication information by our pharmacy team. The data automatically populates e-MAR at the care residence level to allow nursing staff to accelerate administration times and eliminate errors.


Electronic Medication Administration Record (e-MAR)

Scanlon’s Electronic Medication Administration Record (e-MAR) grants patients an innovative and integrated solution to medication administration, with convenient availability in web-based and offline (sync-able) application. This software provides staff with secure and convenient access to resident medication records, allowing for real-time recording, collection and reporting of patients data.

These invaluable technologies are deployed within the pharmacy and facility workflows to help reduce medication errors, provide nurses with additional time for resident care, and facilitate an overall increase in quality of care.

eMAR Benefits

  • Electronic Medication Refills
  • Seamless Integration with Pharmacy Records
  • A guided medication administration solution with Resident Picture Identification
  • Real-Time Audit and QA Reports for Nurse Managers and Administrators
  • Enhanced MAR Accuracy – Eliminates Monthly Recaps
  • Ease of Use and Implementation
  • Ability to further enhance patient care in less time.

e-MAR Features

The primary function of e-MAR is to electronically track and record resident administration of medication and treatments. In other words, it electronically replaces paper MARs.

  • The software tracks the order and delivery of medication with ease and convenience, generating any number of reports with a single click of a button.
  • e-MAR ensures the highest level of safety and security protection for both resident and staff with security features, such as patient photo, barcode technology and unique patient identifiers.


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